Why Wishaware

I started this company as a response to the declining quality of tech support and service — I wanted to make a change.  With a desire to “do things different”, I’m driven by passion (not billable hours), so my dedication to this comes naturally.

“Customer Service v2.0”

Often said but rarely practiced, the reward I get from helping someone is greater than the payment.  It’s this core value that keeps me tirelessly engaged, friendly, and honest in what I do.  I never mark up pricing on hardware or software; I source the lowest price and offer my cost (you get the original invoice as proof).  This only seems fair if I’m servicing your system.  I’ll also handle returns or exchanges on failing hardware (even if a vendor attempts to pass the buck).

“Freedom of Choice”

Technology is a highly competitive industry where developers and manufacturers are constantly emerging to reinvent the playing field.  Some I.T firms become “solution partners” with a handful of vendors.  Unfortunately, this can stifle their product offering, and result in biased advice where the goal becomes more about profit margin than the ideal solution.  “Wishaware” is an awareness of what you wish to do, but giving freedom of choice is the key to a good fit.

“One Stop Shop”

I am your central point of contact who will think outside the box for planning, installing, project management and support.  Wishaware clients often become friends and trust my confidentiality and keeping familiar not only on a personal level but with the business we conduct.  No need to re-explain your troubles to a new techie that shows up (or having to trust them with your systems and data).  This little detail keeps things running smoothly and focused — together, we can innovate, simplify your business operations, and grow.

“Tried and True”

I believe in a balance of attention and efficiency.  In a world where “response time” can make or break success, Wishaware uses the same organized systems we recommend. By tailoring to your needs and injecting advanced methodologies (Google “GTD” for an example), it won’t take long for you to get back to doing what you do best, and see the ROI.  Yes, techies love acronyms.  PS-never underestimate the power of a UPS (and a solid disaster recovery plan for your data).

“Affordable Alternatives to Costly Solutions”

I can fit big corp IT solutions into a small budget without any additional hardware.  Ask how you can securely and reliably share calendars, contacts, and tasks, then synch everything wirelessly with your BlackBerry or iPhone.  Enable team collaboration to share company documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and more, all without purchasing a server or having an IT department.