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Joel Kissack – Principal
Kissack & Company
I have used Wishaware as my technology partner since before opening my business, and continue to use them as my sole technology service provider

I have worked with many technology service providers, and what I am most impressed about with Wishaware is their responsiveness. By that I mean speed (naturally), but equally important is their familiarity with virtually all the technology I use (or am considering using). That’s invaluable in technology selection, implementation and in getting the most value out of my investment. I trust them completely, use them frequently, and endorse them wholeheartedly.

Kealey & Associates Inc.
Wishaware Technologies Inc. has done everything for us from e-mail/website development and maintenance to calendar collaboration and helping us set up our blackberries. Deryl Ward is very knowledgeable and his service is quick, seamless – always fantastic! He is tireless in his willingness to help no matter how small or monumental the task. More often than not they come up with very cost effective solutions. We have worked with them for a couple of years and will continue to do so in the future as our business grows.

John Gillespie – President
Sillenger Exploration Corp.
Wishaware has been a valuable asset to our business since we opened and continues to be who we use to maintain our systems and website (they set up our network, server, computers, mobile, internet, email, printer, etc).

Our company depends on reliable technology and communications in order to be productive, and Deryl ensures everything from the phones to critical data is managed efficiently and securely. We fully trust Wishaware for our IT needs, and highly recommend their fast service.